Carolina Rigging Aids BASS Master Win

Ted Takasaki

Bass pro Woo Daves may be from Virginia, but, it’s an innovation from Carolina he loves, according to GuideOutdoors fishing expert Ted Takasaki. Daves used a Carolina rig and the NO-SNAGG sinker by Lindy Little Joe to find the smallmouth bass he needed to win the 2000 BASS Masters Classic held on Lake Michigan in Chicago July 20-23.


How Bass Tournaments Work

The heightened curiosity of the public has them asking many questions about how bass tournaments function. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions from our bass fishing expert, Jim Moynagh.


Organize Your Soft, Plastic Baits

In the world of tournament fishing where every second counts, not being able to quickly find a plastic bait you are looking for can result in missed opportunities. Worse yet, chances are greater of running out of “hot” items. Here are some tips to organize your soft plastic baits from’s bass expert Jim Moynagh.


Choosing A Hook For Soft Plastics

When it comes to picking a hook for soft plastics, there isn’t any single hook size or style that will do the job for all purposes. Here are some tips on selecting the right size hook so that you end up with more bass in your boat.


Fly Fishing: Learning From The Bass Pros

When it comes to bass fishing, tournament pros and fly fishermen are two groups that don’t typically travel in the same circles.

However, the author discovered that most fly fishermen should take the time to talk to tournament bass anglers, because he says they know more about bass than most fly fishermen know about trout. Find out some secrets the author discovered.