Smallmouth Bass By The Dozen In Spring

Smallmouth bass can often be tough to find in the springtime. They school up
in huge numbers, but many spots will be as devoid of life as the far side of
the moon. The key is put the time in to locate the schools and the action can
be like Fourth of July fireworks! Smallmouth can go off like rockets when
hooked. That’s why we all love them! READ MORE ›

Tips For Fishing Soft Plastics

However you fish them, no tackle box is complete without a decent assortment of soft plastics in the following categories: grubs, tubes, worms, "creatures" (representing crayfish), and swimbaits.


Late-Season River Smallmouth Fishing, As Good As It Gets?

When it’s summer in my home state of Minnesota, the water teems with boats
and fishermen. But when the temperatures drop and the docks come out, our lakes
and rivers become nearly private playgrounds for dedicated anglers who know a
little secret. What’s the secret? That late autumn is the best time to catch a
lot of big fish!


Sight Fishing Smallies

Of all the fish we have in North America, I like catching smallmouth bass the most. Recently, on our “Good Fishing” television program, we went to Wisconsin for some of the biggest smallmouth bass I’ve ever caught. They were absolute FOOTBALLS! Here’s how we caught them.