Three Forms Of Deer Hunting Stealth

To be a successful deer hunter, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Which means that in order to BE in the right place, you have to GET TO the right place. If you simply march in to your stand location, your chances of getting in undetected are slim. Instead, you need to SNEAK in, while paying close attention to three forms of stealth: 1. Visual Stealth; 2. Audible Stealth; and, 3. Olfactory Stealth


Ethical Hunting Decisions: What Would You Do?

Remember that old television football brainteaser, “You Make the Call”? Viewers of NFL games would watch a play that required a tricky call by the officials. Before the call was made, the announcer would challenge fans to put themselves in the refs’ shoes and ponder the outcome of the play. Each fall, hunting’s equivalent of “You Make the Call,” is replayed in coffee shops and bars across the continent as sportsmen debate ethical decisions they faced afield. How would you react to the following hunting scenarios?


Muzzleloader Whitetails: A Revolution In Kansas

Three very good things came together one December for me in Kansas. These three factors combined to give me one of the best deer hunts of my life. Even though one of the bucks on the edge was a very wide-racked 10-pointer, after a closer look, it was apparent that the 10-pointer in the field was a substantially larger animal. I rested the Knight Revolution on a limb, anchored the cross hairs on the buck’s chest and touched her off.


Black Powder: Late Season Whitetails

The early morning silence was broken by the sound of crunching snow. Compounding this excitement was the fact that daylight was still a few minutes away. Would the deer be upon me prior to legal shooting light?

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