Turkey Calls: Fact & Friction: Part 1

Hunter in woods using turkey box call

The woods were so quiet it was scary until the owl woke up every sleeping creature, including me. I moved into this spot very slowly, very quietly and very early. I wanted to be set-up a full hour before light. This was no ordinary gobbler I was after. He was old and he was big. I was going to handle this hunt very carefully!


Muddy Bird

Under some very difficult conditions this huge NE Missouri gobbler ended-up in the fryer instead of on a limb. (Photo by Bob Cowman)

If you hunt spring gobblers long enough you will certainly face bad weather at some point. I have spent many April dawns huddled under a cedar tree or hopefully in a blind. Some of these mornings ended in success. Many others just ended with a towel.


Hunting Turkeys: Cursed By Bad Weather Again!

In 2012, on opening day of the Missouri spring gobbler season I experienced one of the toughest weather days of turkey hunting I had ever seen. It had rained for three-straight days and the winds were gusting more than 40 miles per hour. And it wasn’t much better in 2013!