The Gun-Shy Dog: How To Avoid It

Joe and Mark couldn’t wait to run Mark’s new pup Champ with Joe’s
accomplished German shorthairs. Joe flushed the bird, and
both he and Mark took two shots at the pheasant. Joe’s dogs took off to retrieve. Champ headed back to the truck, and he could not be encouraged to return to the field. It can take just a few seconds to create a gun-shy dog. Try to anticipate problems before they start.


Give A Dog A Bird

My dog Josey was a thing of athletic beauty as he swept through fields head high, in a ground-swallowing, mud-clod throwing gallop. He was steady on point — if I could find him. Friends who knew better, bird-dog people all, said, "You’ve got to get that dog under control." We both had a lot of growing up to do, and it happened on a bird-hunting trip to South


Beepers For Hunting Dogs

Beepers help you locate your dog in the grouse woods, and also help you find it when you’re out for pheasants on public or private lands — where you may share the area with a number of other hunters and dogs. Here’s what you need to know before going out and purchasing a unit.


E-Collars For Dog Training: Part 1

Among the things I like best about training and hunting with bird dogs are the amazing new revelations you encounter. One of those intriguing ironies is that my cute little setter just adores
her electric shock collar. And the only one who loves it more than she is me!


Pheasant Dogs Say The Darnedest Things

Dogs can talk. But before you call the loony bin to have them send the white van over, let me assure you that I am of sound mind. My wits, as they say, are about me. My head is screwed on straight, I’m playing with a full deck and have not lost even one of my marbles. But I’m telling you, dogs can talk! Scamper and I just finished a great conversation. As you may have guessed, Scamp is my dog.


Wild Goose Chase

Feb. 1, 2006 — A tenacious 6-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever needed to be rescued this week after she continued swimming after a wounded goose into a thick fog on New York’s Great South Bay — a full half-mile out into open water! In addition, this week we have some important breaking scientific news about chronic wasting disease, a story about a non-urban myth in rural Virginia, and more!

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