Check Out This Huge Herd of Pronghorns Running On A Montana Highway [VIDEO]

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Very cool video today.

This guy was driving down Highway 41 in southwestern Montana when he caught up to a large herd of pronghorns traveling at high speed.

Check it out:



Love the reaction from his dog.

Fun fact: pronghorns are the second-fastest land mammal in the world, trailing only the cheetah. The pronghorn can reach speeds up to 55 mph——and can sustain that speed longer than a cheetah can.

Some zoologists believe that the pronghorn evolved its running ability to escape from now extinct predators like the American cheetah (had no idea something like that ever existed).

Shy and skittish by nature, the pronghorn relies on its tremendous speed to escape.

But all that speed comes at a cost: pronghorns aren’t good jumpers. In the video, they’re surrounded on both sides by fence——so the driver is likely whipping them into a panic by driving so closely behind him.

For that reason, the Arizona Antelope Foundation are in the process of removing the bottom barbed wire, allowing the animals a greater range that is less affected by ranchers. It should be noted that the pronghorn is not an antelope.

Thankfully, the pronghorns in the video find an alternate route, and veer off to the right.

Last fun fact: the pronghorn’s closes living relative is the giraffe. Pretty weird, eh?



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