Jefferson Memorial during the National Cherry Blossom Festival

Check out the National Cherry Blossom Festival!


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One of the biggest springtime events in America is the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. The Festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington, DC. to commemorate friendship between America and Japan. The Festival is blooming with events, like concerts, races, parades, and naturally events highlighting Japanese culture. This year, the festival began on March 20th and goes until with April 17th, with “peak blossom” already occurring around March 25th. It is one of the busiest times around the the nation’s capital, with tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the Tidal Basin area in particular to see the ever-so-brief blooms of these beautiful trees.

A friend of mine took this pic of the Cherry Blossoms from Tokyo.

Funny enough, apparently the famed Cherry Blossoms almost never made it. Author Dan Stone is currently working on a book about a U.S. Department of Agriculture worker named David Fairchild. His job was to “go around the world searching for exotic plants and crops”. Bringing the trees back to America from Japan was actually a hard sell, since they do not bear any fruit. So he imported 100 to his home in nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland. There, First Lady Helen Taft saw them during a visit and thought they could be used to make a rather unsightly National Capital a bit more pleasing to see. Click here to read more from Washington’s Top News.

I used to live out in the DC area and I have been there for the Festival. Personally, I LOVE Washington DC. It is invigorating as an American to be in the cradle of our government, and the combination of free museums and beautiful attractions make it a must-see destination. And to see the area adorned with the Cherry Blossoms is magical. And more so, a reminder that peace can win-out–it is an understatement to say that in the 20th century, America had tumultuous relations with Japan.

Have you seen the Festival? Several of my friends went to it this year. They let me post these pictures below…Blossoms and tourists in all their picture-taking glory. Check out the official website on the link at the top, or try to make it out there sometime yourself!

Cherry Blossoms, in DC!

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