Cop Hits Deer at 100 MPH, Destroys Squad Car [VIDEO]

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If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, dealing with deer while on the roads is just a fact of life——especially this time of year.

Now, if you’re a civilian, there are ways of dealing with it. Slow down, flash your brights, etc.

But if you’re a LEO responding to a call about a man brandishing a gun, slowing down isn’t an option.

The Isanti County Sheriff’s Deputy was responding to a call about a man with a gun in Cambridge, Minnesota, early in the morning on October 21st. His speed quickly eclipsed the 100 MPH mark.

At about the 0:30 mark, the deer comes bounding out of the ditch.

The Sheriff hits it squarely.



We have an expression for this sort of thing.

Uff da. Pronounced “OOF-duh.”

It’s a Scandinavian expression (surprise surprise) of shock or dismay——both of which apply here. The car is absolutely demolished. The hood ended up going through the windshield. Airbags deployed. Front end smashed in.

And this was a SMALL deer. Imagine hitting a moose at that speed.

If you live here, you know deer don’t behave predictably, so there isn’t much the he could’ve done.

Sad situation, but the Deputy walks away with only minor injuries.

Be careful out there!



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