Fisherman in Elements Agua camo

Mossy Oak Unveils New Elements Agua Fishing Camouflage

For over 30 years, Mossy Oak has pushed the boundaries of stealthy concealment with their innovative camouflage patterns. That trend continues in 2018 with the release of their new camouflage pattern designed specifically for the angling community—Mossy Oak Elements Agua. This new and innovative camouflage pattern combines three layers of multi-directional, photo-realistic images to actively disrupt your outline at any distance regardless of the light source.

“If 30 years of making Mossy Oak camo has shown us anything, it’s that our patterns mean more than just a way to hide from critters,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “Instead, wearing Mossy Oak has become an expression of who we are. With Elements, we wanted to create designs that are completely different than anything we, or anyone else has ever done before without sacrificing our deep connection with nature. Like its name says, Elements is designed from the most basic building blocks of the natural world and represents an exciting new direction for Mossy Oak.”

Mossy Oak Elements Agua Color Swatch

Mossy Oak Elements Agua is available now, and we’re pleased to announce our best-selling Guide Gear Performance Fishing Shirts will feature the innovative camouflage in 3 different patterns—Agua Spindrift, Agua Crimson, and Agua Manta. Both long and short-sleeved styles will also come in 9 other non-camo colors. For more information on the Guide Gear Performance Fishing Shirts, check out the video below!


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