End of the summer…sadness?

Well, Labor Day has passed, which means summer has pretty much ended for a lot of us. This can be a bummer for teachers and children, sure. Well, I don’t know about you but I’m actually excited. I’m looking forward to football (Go Eagles! Go Mountaineers!), wearing Fall clothes (Have you seen our new outerwear page?) and hiking along different trails in the state.  Still, when I think about my summer, I think about some distinct moments that create images so real, I feel like I can still hear them, see them…even taste them. Like the smell of the Jersey Shore. Eating water ice in Philadelphia. Smelling the fire while camping up in the “Yooper” (Michigan, if not familiar). Even recently eating tons of fried food at the Minnesota State Fair.

In a closing to August, and thinking of summer, the first stanza of John Updike’s “August” comes to mind:


The sprinkler twirls.

The summer wanes.

The pavement wears

Popsicle stains.


This is just the first stanza of the poem and it starts out with a rhythm that almost feels like a children’s rhyme. Some of you surely get that first image all too well, thinking of watering your lawn or yard. I like the last two lines and the image of children and their playfulness. I see red and blue stains on the cement, almost like from a Rocket Pop.

If you had to pick a particular sight, sound, or any other image that stands out in your summer, what would it be?

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