Enter The 2015 Sporting Dog Photo Contest

Does your dog go everywhere you go in the outdoors? Is he or she the trustiest best friend in the field, your co-captain on the boat, or your navigator on camping trips? Let the world know by entering the 2015 Sporting Dog Photo Contest sponsored by Sportsman’s Guide!

Upload as many photos of your dog as you like and vote as often as you want. The dog photo with the most votes before October 1 will win a $500 Sportsman’s Guide gift card. The photo with the running up number of votes will receive a $250 Sportsman’s Guide gift card and the final $25 gift card will be given to 10 random winners.

There’s no reason not to enter!

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Head to the contest page, upload a picture of your sporting dog and encourage your friends and family to vote for you!

Tell us your dog’s name, breed, what he or she likes to do in the outdoors and a little bio or story to get people to vote for your dog.

Maybe Fido will even get some cool sporting gear from the gift card you win!

(Article written by Wide Open Spaces staff)

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4 Responses to “Enter The 2015 Sporting Dog Photo Contest”

  1. jason parker

    how do I view the entries in the sporting dog photo contest?

  2. Meri Jane Stern

    My dog placed 5th in this contest, when and how will we be notified of our prize.

    • Jake Dybedahl

      Hi Meri Jane – Wide Open Spaces will be contacting you soon about your prize.