Join the Father’s Day Revolution…Enter the No Tie Zone!

Sportsman’s Guide® is starting a revolution! It’s time to take back Father’s Day…time to take it away from boring, unimaginative gifts, like the TIE. Can you catch a fish with a tie? Could a tie be used to lure-in an 8-pointer? Would you fly a tie up a flagpole in memory of service to our great nation? It’s time to get Dad a gift he REALLY wants. And Sportsman’s Guide® has them. Therefore, we hereby declare Father’s Day a “No Tie Zone”!

From teaching us how to bait a hook, pitch a tent, load a gun or tie our shoes, dads deserve to be honored and celebrated for how they helped raise us and shape who we became. These men may be our paternal figures in the truest sense of the word. But they may also be “father figures”…men who helped raise us while not our “natural” Dads. And to help you honor Dad the best way possible, Sportsman’s Guide is leading the revolution with gift guides filled with what Dad WANTS.

Picture Dad adding an authentic military surplus flag to his collection hanging in the garage. Or comfortably walking through the park in new hiking shoes. Or enjoying a day-off plinking away at a spinner target in the backyard. No boring gifts here! Our gift guides are handpicked with some of our top-selling and best-rated items…for the RIGHT gift for ANY type of Dad.

We want YOU to join the revolution! Help take back Father’s Day by getting Dad a gift he’ll use and love. Or get him a Sportsman’s Guide® gift card…we have hundreds of thousands of items for him to choose from. And if YOU are a Dad, why not treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a while! So be a part the revolution…it starts right here at Sportsman’s Guide®!

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7 Responses to “Join the Father’s Day Revolution…Enter the No Tie Zone!”

  1. Christopher Young

    God Bless the United States and thank you Veterans

  2. Burke Wills

    You can never go wrong with fishing equipment!

  3. Janet Harper

    Please Join the Father’s Day Revolution…Enter the No Tie Zone! Sportsmansguide have great prices and really good quality products!

  4. Janet Harper

    Please Join the Father’s Day Revolution…Enter the No Tie Zone! Also get a chance to win $100.00 Gift Card for entering and sharing have great prices and really good quality products!

  5. Debbie Hudspeth

    Guide Gear is the best we have been buying from them for about 20 years now.

  6. Erin Blagg

    I’m so excited! I finally get to go hunting with my husband this year! It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve been hunting or fishing (since before we got together), even though my daddy was a Bass Pro fisherman. And I am SO READY! Now it’s my time to show my hubby what I can really do! Happy Father’s Day baby!

  7. James Perovich Senior

    Your right on.