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Fishing is More than Just a Pastime

According to a survey commissioned by Honeywell, makers of Spectra® fiber – one of the world’s leading braided fishing line materials, fishing is more than just a pastime to many people; it’s a passion. The online survey was taken by 506 avid anglers – those who had fished in the past year on at least a minimum of ten days, considered themselves at least of regular skill level, and fished either fresh or saltwater. And to say the least, the results were quite interesting. To read the entire press release CLICK HERE, or just check out some of the highlights below:

  • 67% of people surveyed admitted to having missed work in order to go fishing.
  • 54% of anglers would give up a chance to meet the president in exchange for a perfect day of fishing.
  • 71% said that they have taken a vacation where the primary purpose was to go on a fishing trip that lasted a day or more. Advanced anglers were even more likely (87%) to have done so.
  • Of those anglers who have not planned a vacation where the primary purpose was fishing, 79% reported that they occasionally or frequently chose to spend time fishing on past vacations, even when their travel companions didn’t want to join them.
  • 83% of anglers who aren’t retired indicate that they plan to shape their retirement plans around the ability to fish, and 88% of those anglers say they would like to fish more often in retirement than they currently do.
  • Of anglers who are already retired, nearly all (96%) reported fishing as much, if not more, than they did before retirement.
  • 55% of avid anglers said they would rather buy new fishing gear than home improvement materials, home electronics, clothing or other items. This increased to 69% for those anglers who considered themselves “advanced” in their sport.

Have you ever called-in sick to go fishing? (It’s OK, we won’t tell your boss.)

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