Free entrance to National Parks on April 21


You’re invited to experience one of the wondrous National Parks for FREE on Saturday, April 21. Normally, 118 of the 417 national parks charge an entrance fee to get in, but the fee is waived in honor of National Parks week.

National Parks Week: What is it?

For one week each April, the National Park Service and National Park Foundation combine efforts to help you celebrate America’s great treasures. Throughout the week, participating parks will host special programs and ranger-led activities to promote the unique natural beauty within the National Park Service system.

National Park Service sites that normally charge an entrance fee will offer free admission on April 21 for all visitors. The entrance-fee waiver does not cover amenity or user fees, like camping, boat launch sites, transportation, or special tours. For more info, check out this state-by-state participating parks page.

So #FindYourPark, mark your calendar, and get out exploring on Saturday, April 21!


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8 Responses to “Free entrance to National Parks on April 21”

  1. Joe

    THANKS for the heads-up!!!

  2. Ed

    If you are a veteran with a service related disability you can get a free lifetime entrance to National Parks.
    Just stop at the gate to the park and show them your VA card and they will give you your lifetime pass.

    • Kathy

      Thanks for the tip, Ed! I’m glad to see our park system supports our veterans.

    • Wlly

      The thing about that is, so many of the “veterans”, claim to be disabled, when they are not disabled at all. Or they claim to be a disabled veteran, when they became disabled after leaving the military. They just like to put the two together, mostly for attention, as most people do not know the difference. They are scammers. Lots of scammers come out of the military, looking for something for nothing.

  3. Thomas M Kager


  4. Bob Krone

    I bought a lifetime free pass to the National Parks, because I am now a “Senior Citizen!” (Hah!–translate as “old fart”!.

  5. Daryl shay

    V. Vet and old fart of mont. worked in Yellowstone for gov. For 3 years as g man(garbage man) Great times l like the free day and everyone should go

    • Kathy

      Hi Daryl,
      Thanks for sharing! I spent some time doing trail work in Yellowstone and also loved it. When you work there, you get to see different aspects of the park than someone that’s just passing through.