Guide Gear Mens Fishermans 3 Eye Boat Shoes

Gear Review: Guide Gear Men’s Fisherman’s 3 Eye Boat Shoes

Boat shoes can be seen just about everywhere these days, but if you’re looking for a pair that has the total look and performance a true boat shoe should have, we’ve got it for you in the Guide Gear Fisherman’s 3 Eye Boat Shoes.

Premium leather and mesh uppers give the shoes a recognizable but still unique design and provide a fit and comfort level that stands out. Of course, the textured outsole does its job, sticking to slick surfaces and staying tacky even in slippery conditions.

Water-friendly lining and strategically placed drainage ports make this the perfect boat shoe!

The stain and water resistance of the special ScotchGard treatment helps to protect from fish guts, blood, and any liquids. It’s basically a force field of protection for your feet.

A quick dry, water-friendly lining helps keep these shoes from retaining water and becoming smelly messes after some time spent getting splashed or submerged.

The drainage ports and rust-proof eyelets won’t give way to constant water logging, and provide you a better experience when you dunk a foot into the wet stuff.

Standing on a dock, holding your ground on a boat, or reeling in a keeper from a pier with these Guide Gear Fisherman’s 3 Eye Boat Shoes on your feet gives you the chance to forget about your footing, and focus on the fish.

Plus, you’re already wearing something you can look reasonable in at work, out to eat, or sitting on your patio with a cold drink.

Give the Guide Gear Fisherman’s 3 Eye Boat Shoes a shot, and you won’t be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Gear Review: Guide Gear Men’s Fisherman’s 3 Eye Boat Shoes”

  1. James Palmer

    very comfortable shoes, on my second pair

  2. Bernard

    I think I owned the boots, same brand awesomely comfy grate shoes