Cass Creek Mega Amp Coyote Call

Bring predators in running with the most natural, realistic sounds possible via Cass Creek Mega Amp Coyote Call. The engineers at Cass Creek built this unit with sounds that predators want to hear: actual wildlife audio. Cass Creek says it’s 50 percent louder than previous models. The Mega Amp Coyote Call is strong enough to bust through even windy conditions. A built-in speaker produces sound over 120 decibels at full volume!

It combines the compact design of a handheld call with the huge volume of stand-alone speakers! It lures predators in with easy point-and-play design… less movement means less chance of blowing your cover.

Ten sounds include Female Adult Howl, Coyote Food Fight, Territorial Beta Male, Adult Cat Distress, Cottontail Distress, Crow Baby Distress, Fawn Distress, Fleming Hare Distress, Grey Fox Pups, and Jackrabbit Young Distress.

Trigger-operated, the system also has an LED call list indicator with thumb selection. A simple belt clip keeps it handy and the bark camo finish keeps it concealed. The unit uses three AA batteries (included).

A prime winter for predator hunting has emerged across the northern hemisphere here in 2016, and the affordability of this unit gives you no excuse not to tackle the sport. Chase coyotes and other predators effectively with the realistic sounds the Cass Creek Mega Amp Coyote Call will deliver day after day.

For more information, contact:
Cass Creek
6893 Sullivan Road
Grawn, MI, 49637

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