Field Test: Family Tradition 25-inch x 31-inch Lock-On Tree Stand

I began my bowhunting career using ultra-compact hang-ons that I packed effortlessly for miles on public tracts, and so for me they’re trusted friends, but I realize not everyone likes the “confined” feeling these smaller stands offer.

If this sounds familiar, you need to check out the spacious design and heavy-duty construction of the Family Traditions 25-inch x 31-inch Lock-On.

Are you a bigger guy who doesn’t trust those thin platform-supporting cables found on many hang-ons? You’ll likely smile when you see the two full-sized, 1,900-pound-tensile-strength rubber-sleeved steel chains performing that job on this stand. Still have reservations? The stand is attached to the tree with two separate premium ratchet straps.

Proof is in the testing, and indeed, once ratcheted down this stand was as rock-solid as any tested, and with the seat flipped up, freedom of movement on the spacious platform (that seems larger than it is) is so complete there is no shot angle you can’t pull off.

Another bonus is the huge, comfortable, 22-inch x 13.5-inch seat allows you to inch way over to either side to cover behind-the-tree angles while seated, not possible with many other stands. The trade-off for such luxury is weight (19 pounds), but it’s nice to see a T-Handle screw are included to help you haul up and temporarily attach the outsized stand at hunting height, while you attach the ratchet straps.

Editor’s Note: Mark Melotik is a veteran bowhunter who has worked in the bowhunting industry for more than 15 years.


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