Foldable Pocket Cooker & HQ Issue Military-Style Fuel Tabs

A small cook stove is a wonderful asset for camping, traveling and emergency cooking, but many models are expensive — and most require specialized fuel. But what if you could find a stove that was affordable and burned free fuel? Bio-fuel stoves can take advantage of abundant natural fuels, like sticks, leaves, twigs and straw. Sportsman’s Guide’s Foldable Pocket Cooker is a simple and compact cook stove that can burn fuel cubes and all natural fuels, without the need for special fuel canisters or batteries. This stove easily goes from its folded shape to an 8″ by 6″ cooker by unfolding its hinged metal panels. Simply fill it with fuel, light it up and start cooking. There is a very convenient side door, which can be opened to add fuel while a cook pot is in place. The door also serves as an adjustable draft, allowing you to get the perfect air flow. This unit comes with a nylon case and the Buyer’s Club price is only $11.69 ($12.99 for non-members).

And just in case you don’t have any twigs to burn, consider adding HQ ISSUE Fuel Tabs to your foldable stove for easy cooking anywhere. These tabs are small but mighty, and they light very easily. Just one cube can reach temperatures up to 1,400°F and burn for more than 10 minutes. These non-toxic tabs are a very concentrated fuel source that’s easy to transport. They are ideal for camping, off-grid cooking, emergency preparedness and wet-weather fire starting. The tabs are divided so they can be separated for single use. Each 10 gram tab will burn without smoke and with a very low odor. The Buyer’s Club price for a case of 200 is only $89.99 ($99.99 for non-members).


Purchase Foldable Pocket Cooker & HQ Issue Military-Style Fuel Tabs At Sportsman's Guide

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One Response to “Foldable Pocket Cooker & HQ Issue Military-Style Fuel Tabs”

  1. James

    These compact, packable stoves are a great addition to your gear, small, lightweight, but very effective for it’s purpose. James