FOXPRO Gobbler Pro Turkey Pot Call

The Gobbler Pro Turkey Pot Call from FOXPRO produces realistic turkey vocalizations via a natural maple pot and one-piece hickory striker.

Gobbler chasers requiring subtle purrs and putts who still demand big time volume for those faraway toms need look no further that the FOXPRO Gobbler Pro Pot Call. Work this impressive-looking call and you’ll get the cutts, clucks and loud yelps necessary for morning or afternoon calling.

Aesthetically charming, too, the FOXPRO Gobbler Pro Turkey Pot Call features a beautiful maple pot with one-piece hickory striker and comes with your choice of playing surface. The customized design means it’s available with three calling surfaces: slate over glass, crystal over glass, or anodized aluminum over glass. It all equates to a versatile unit that produces a wide range of high-quality, realistic turkey sounds.

The one-piece hickory striker offers quick touch and feedback for precise calling, too.

Made in the USA, the Gobbler Pro Turkey Pot Call from FOXPRO delivers wild turkey charms that stubborn toms can’t resist. Own it now and with a touch of practice, it’ll help you kill a healthy tom this spring.

Manufacturer Information
14 Fox Hollow Drive
Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-2507

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