Frabill Straight Line 261 Reel

Frabill’s Straight Line 261 Reel is smooth, fast, and easy and never one to freeze up at the moment of truth. One smooth operator, it has an ultra-smooth drag system and even faster 2.6-to-1 retrieve for large fish lurking deep below the frozen surface.

It also features an elongated stem and oversized ambidextrous handle that make reeling, even with gloves, a breeze. And thanks to Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero lube, the easy-reelin’ keeps on even in the coldest temps!

Frabill’s Straight Line 261 Reel has lightweight composite construction for strength and durability. Its composite construction won’t feel cold in frigid temperatures, and the long-stem design positions the reel away from the rod, thereby accommodating heavy gloves.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, the large and balanced spool maximizes the retrieval rate, has an instant anti-reverse, and the line feeds straight off spool, eliminating line coiling and spinning of tackle. This is a 4+1 ball bearing reel with Ultra-Fine free spooling.

Other practical features include an audible/silent bait alarm switch, and ambidextrous over-sized reel handle for ultimate control. You also can free spool to easily drop the smallest jigs.

The folks at Frabill applied simple physics to the Frabill Straight Line 261 Reel: the quickest route to fishing success is a straight line. It’ll pay off for easier, more productive fishing all winter long.

For more information, contact:
N173 W21121 Northwest Passage Rd.
Jackson, WI 53037

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