Guide Gear Merino Wool Blend Crew Socks, 3 Pair

American manufacturing goes a long way, and you’ll feel it when you slide on these Guide Gear wool-blend socks. They’re an ideal mid-weight sock for hunting, hiking and all the relaxing you do in-between.

The warmth is in the blend, and you get three pairs – which you’ll need because your family’s going to be stealing ‘em from your drawer! By blending wool and acrylic, you get a sock that won’t overheat your feet or scratch you until you go crazy. They breathe and provide warmth for years whether you’re hiking a snowy trail or throwing another log on the fire.

USA-made, the Guide Gear Merino Wool Blend Crew Socks also contains stretchy nylon for long-lasting form and shape. The final blend is 55 percent acrylic, 25 percent nylon, 18 percent merino wool, and 2 percent spandex for this sock.

Consumer reviewer Mike55 called these socks a “great value” and said, “Bought 3 pack and wore to work over 3 days and all pairs performed as well as socks that cost two to three times as much.”

How’s that for credibility? Stock up now. Your feet will thank you. And we offer ‘em here at a price that looks like a typo, but it’s not! Own this three-pack of Guide Gear Merino Wool Blend Crew Socks for all-weather comfort and warmth.

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