MarCum LX-7 Color LCD Ice Sonar System

With the LX-7 Color LCD Ice Sonar System, MarCum has built the industry’s first real-time panoramic color LCD sonar. Electronics have become so common in ice fishing that dropping a line without a flasher or graph equates to “fishing blind.” You won’t be that guy… in fact you’ll be leading the pack when using this unit!

Driven by a powerful sonar engine, the LX-7 quickly generates vivid underwater pictures using a real-time display. Its immersive 8-inch screen has multiple underwater windows, vertical zoom, circular flasher and widescreen graph. Another exclusive feature is an LCD dashboard with digital depth, range, sensitivity, interference rejection, target adjust, or any combination of the above.

Sonar Footprint reveals the extent of transducer coverage –  key for pinpointing fish targets relative to your lure – and provides optimal spacing between neighboring sonar signals to avoid interference. True Time transmits target signals from water to screen in less than .02 seconds (five times faster than eye-to-brain.) Dynamic Depth interface maximizes screen real estate and resolution.

The MarCum LX-7 Color LCD Ice Sonar System produces up to 4,800-watts peak-to-peak power. There’s 1/2-inch target separation via the dual beam 8-degree/20-degree transducer.

Other features include multiple color palette settings, auto/manual range setting, the auto populating depth scale, selectable split-screen zoom modes, and auto bottom lock zoom. The setup also has selectable zoom windows (5-, 10-, 20-, and 40-foot), plus zoom window adjustable in 1-inch increments.

The setup comes complete with rechargeable 12V, 9A battery, charger, and soft case.

Bottom line, you get dynamic, easy-read, user-selectable views of fish, lures, and structure for an awesome advantage on the ice.

For more information, contact:
MarCum Technologies
3943 Quebec Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN  55427

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