New U.S. Military Surplus Dual Fuel Stove/Heater

This remarkable new U.S. Military Surplus Dual Fuel Stove/Heater provides serious heat via a variety of fuel sources. Unleash up to an incredible 45,000 BTUs with this large, all-steel barrel stove/heater. Affordable and practical, its potential use is amazing: from backyard sheds to utility buildings to hunting camps.

A dual-fuel U.S. Military setup, it accepts liquid fuels such as diesel, gasoline, even jet fuel. It also burns solid fuels such as wood or coal. For the liquid fuel system, the Military Surplus stove contains fuel lines, priming cup, flow regulator, and adapter connections to fit a gravity-fed fuel container (not included). Plus there’s a burner reaming/cleaning tool.

As for solid fuel, the unit includes a burning conversion kit with ring and 12-inch diameter cast iron grate.
Common features to both are the steel barrel body with heating surface, two damper doors, top lid for loading solid fuel, 12 feet of 4-inch diameter metal chimney piping (six 2-foot pieces), tent ropes for securing chimney cap to top of personal tent and illustrated instruction manual. The setup measures 18-1/2 inches by 24 inches, and it weighs 80 pounds.

Though in brand new condition (never issued) these stove/heaters will show signs of storage.

When your mission calls for operations in icy cold tundra, don’t leave base without this chill-chaser: the U.S. Military Surplus Dual Fuel Stove/Heater.

For more information, contact:
Sportsman’s Guide
411 Farwell Ave.
South St. Paul, MN 55075

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6 Responses to “New U.S. Military Surplus Dual Fuel Stove/Heater”

  1. Adolfo Pena

    I like to find out the cost of the wild hog hunt on land or with helicopter

  2. Matt

    Does the US Military Surplus Dual Fuel Store/heater also run on used cooking oil?

  3. Carl Warrington

    Is there any plan to offer these stoves in the future?
    And in the interim, can you provide what the sell price would be?

    • Matt Dybedahl

      Hi Carl,

      This stove/heater originally went for $219.99 when we had them in stock. Unfortunately, I don’t see any shipments coming in—but that’s not to say we won’t carry them in the future.

  4. Mjr. Garry Matthews B.S.

    Please quote me the cost for a solid fuel stove/heater shipped to; Edmonton, Alberta, Also, note I am both an American & a Canadian citizen, I thank you for your time & consideration, I remain sincerely yours; Mjr. Garry Matthews

  5. Jim Ward

    I have a M1941 heater and need the oil burner insert only

    How much for the oil burner insert only?