Polar Therm Extreme Tip-Up, Orange

The ingenious design of the Polar Therm Extreme Tip-Up (in orange) will keep you producing fish on the coldest days. The Extreme’s patented trip mechanism is freeze-proof so you’ll never have to worry about below-zero temperatures affecting your success again.

It’s also convenient thanks to a design that allows the entire tip-up to fit in a five- or six-gallon pail. You can actually stack over five tip-ups tangle-free in a six-gallon pail. The Extreme is built rugged out of space age plastic to take punishment while it stays lightweight and warm to the touch.

The smart setup also promotes a tangle-free feature with the foam hook holder at the bottom of the spool. It also keeps your ice hole free of ice by trapping the thermal action of the open water. This natural phenomena keeps the ice hole open in subzero temps.

You also can set the “adjustable tension” light for panfish, medium for walleye and heavy in deep water for lake trout and northerns.

Finally, the Polar Therm Extreme Tip-Up has a built-in tackle box for easily convenient set-up at the hole location. It’s easy to operate, too. Simply pull the center mechanism into a perpendicular position, set your line at the selected depth, place flap trip wire under the trip bar, and place tip-up over the hole with the spool under the water.

For more information, contact:
HT Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 909
Campbellsport, WI 53010


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