ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance

Enjoy “skeeter”-free hunting, camping, and picnics with ThermaCell’s Mosquito Repellent Appliance in Olive Drab. Thanks to the absence of messy wax, smelly sprays or greasy lotions, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

It works by heating a mat saturated with a special ingredient from a flower that little winged pests hate! As the mat is warmed, the “skeeter”-fightingi ngredient is released into the air, offering protection for approximately 15 feet in all directions!

The handy 8-ounce, 7-1/2-inch-tall portable appliance is just right for hunting and hiking. Hunters will love the fact that since the bug-busting ingredient is naturally found in the environment, deer won’t think twice about it, so you chase away bugs, not game!

The ThermaCell Portable Appliance comes in olive drab so it doesn’t stick out in the woods, and it stands 7-1/2 inches high by 3 inches wide by 2 inches deep.

Stop fighting a losing battle with mosquitoes and other insects and take the smart, reasonable approach: Hit the tree stand or backcountry campground with the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance in olive drab.

For more information, contact:
The Schawbel Corp.
26 Crosby Drive,
Bedford, MA 01730

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2 Responses to “ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance”

  1. William napert

    What is the price

  2. Ole' River Rat

    In todays marketing everythings a gimmick- BUT NOT THE THERMO CELL !!!! I am not a rookie nor an armchair bandit.

    I have spent more time in the hills and river bottoms of SW Wisconsinsin than anyone that even comes close. I was raised in a huge house that was right on the Wisconsin River and had a boat in the water7 months , sometimes more. Bank Poling and set lines, water and land line traplines, “Bowhunted when bowhunting wasn’t Cool”, first to call a yote in on purpose not just while I was Fox calling, 1 of the few who ran “On Purpose” the first coyote with July- Breed hounds,shot ducks and bucks and drove a Ford High Boy TRuck. Was one of the first or second licensed Turkey Guides in Wisconsin, a Hunter Education and Trapping Education Instructor Work my rear off in the summer and laid off in the fall and winter as I grew up and married Prettiest, the best old girl for a wife. Who at 5’1″ tall could outdo most men carring fire wood, running her own fox and coon traplines, who has been blessed by the Lord to have shot many more and bigger bucks than all but a handful of men, Unless their trips and firearms were paid for by some one else and before or deer have been genetically altered and anyone my age who can remember your drive way was full the night someone harvested a 150″ buck and now strangely bucks that size hardly draw a second look by most and it “Well we have more deer” That doesn’t work for any of us who had to ,GO NORTH, here in Wisconsin with your Party Tag and only people like us who spent some gas and time to know that where we were hunting was something more than woods that brought a buck back every year but ran more in the forks to 7 pointers. Your wondering by now why someone would want to brag about themselves so much. Well, sorry I just want to verify my opinion of the ThermoCellThey didn’t exist most of my active life and anyone who used to want to get to a certain hole in the WI. River and the water was to low to get there with a boat and has walked a mile or two in swamp nettles over their head to get to one can now only dream what it would have been like to have had an oppertunity to have a Thermo Cell back then instead of cover yourself with spray until you where sick and had to go home before you intended.NOW, Old and stove up and my experiences joyfully come from my Sons and Grandchildren. I SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT AND SO SHOULD EVERY OUTDOORSMAN WHO ACTUALLY PUTS IN HIS TIME.I USED ONE THE LAST COUPLE YEARS OF TURKEY HUNTING AND GUIDING AS WELL AS FISHING. My family uses it for trapping and camping as well. It’s clean to use and easy to carry and refill.

    I personally do not believe their is a better repellant out there today. It was my experience that it had no added affect on deer, they seemed to not alert to it’s smell. They cost of these units are incredibly cheap to buy and maintain. From an old woodsman to the young this is great, I know how I feel. .DON’T fool around, don’t waste time talking to your neighbor who only spend maybe 20-30 hrs at the max out in the woods and water a week during the weather they are needed, how well these work. I know some people think the older we get the dumber we get but that’s their loss. Go out and buy one for everyone in your family that the directions with the unit instruct are able to wear one. Any questions Check with the company. Thanks and Enjoy our outdoors, respect it and KEEP IT CLEAN..