Guide's Choice's Polarized Overtop Sunglasses

Two Pairs Of Guide’s Choice Polarized Overtop Sunglasses

These specially designed Polarized Overtop Sunglasses from Guide’s Choice do more than protect you from the sun’s potentially harmful UV radiation. They’re also polarized, so they stop equally dangerous reflected glare from snow, ice, water, and roadways. Best of all, the “overtop” design works with existing prescription eyewear, so you won’t need to sacrifice clear vision for eye protection.

For the most important part of any glasses, the lenses, Guide’s Choice uses tri-acetate material that’s shatterproof and resists scratches better than polycarbonate. You can wear these sunglasses over prescription eyewear, and the optically correct lenses will not interfere with your eyeglass prescription. In addition, the de-centered lenses reduce lateral distortion, reducing eyestrain and preventing headaches.

The Guide’s Choice Polarized Overtop Sunglasses are ANSI approved for UV and impact protection. For the great price, you get one black frame and one brown frame, so you can match colors for your outfit, weather, or any other occasion.

Lose the excuses for not wearing quality sunglasses year-round by owning these two pairs of Guide’s Choice Polarized Overtop Sunglasses, one black frame and one brown frame.

For more information, contact:
The Sportsman’s Guide
411 Farwell Ave.
South St. Paul, MN 55075

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  1. Dwayne Shimizu

    Glasses are good but what if you have too of the same color, I like the brown ones better than the