FAK Pouch

U.S. Military Surplus FAK Pouch

The military loves its acronyms. FAK in this case stands for First Aid Kit, and in the field this Pouch would be packed with first aid supplies for performing emergency battlefield injury treatment.

Rows of elastic straps provide a secure grip for lots of different gear. In short, the FAK is perfect for keeping any collection of small tools organized.

After facing a few too many “cord clutter” emergencies, I decided to use one as a laptop cord organizer.

Pouch Contents:

1. Headphones plus a binder clip to keep them from tangling

2. Extension cord for sending audio to speakers or my car

3. USB cord for data transfers or charging my cell phone

4. VGA to HDMI coverter for using an external monitor

4. Travel mouse

5. USB to MicroUSB coverter

6. AC Adapter for wall charging

7. AC to USB coverter for charging my cell phone

8. Pencils, pens, and notepaper

9. Plenty of additional room for more stuff

FAK Pouch closed, showing external pocket

The outer zipper is very heavy duty, and has a separate zipper coming from each side. A generous external pocket is currently empty and waiting for me to come up with something to put in it.

On the other side are MOLLE straps for adding to the outside of a backpack or on a belt. Many FAK Pouches come with drop leg straps for more secure belt carry, especially under a tactical vest.

Of course you can always use your FAK Pouch for creating an emergency medical kit:

Thanks to the stretchy nature of the straps, the kinds of stuff you can store in one of these is practically endless. Got a good idea? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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