Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® Boots

Hunter Number One can’t wait for his Newfoundland caribou hunt. The guides have said he’ll be on his feet all day, hiking through the muck and unstable soil of the tundra.

Hunter Number Two is packing her bags for a combo hunt in Iowa. After applying for three years, she’s drawn an archery deer tag, and plans to do some pheasant hunting.

Hunter Number Three hopes he’s headed for a hunt of a lifetime. He’ll be with a party of moose hunters floating down a river in Alberta, Canada. When they spot one, they’ll be stalking.

What do the hunters have in common? They can get the best boots for their hunts from the same company, Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood®. They can choose from a line that encompasses all features hunters need, such as odor control, insulation, breathability and waterproofness.

The Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® odor control technology is called X-static (and you’ll be ecstatic about it). Inside the boot, your foot is surrounded by material which is infused with silver fibers. The silver fibers eliminate bacteria, which is the source of foot odor, effectively eliminating foot scent. You can choose from various degrees of insulation, from zero to 2040 grams.

Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® Men's Gunner X-Static Insulated Hunting Boots
 Men’s Gunner X-Static Insulated Hunting Boots

The caribou hunter opted for Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® Gunner, in Real Tree camouflage. All the Gunner models are eight inches high and include the X-static technology and are waterproof. He chose an uninsulated pair, reasoning that he’d be on the move most of the time.

Mountain Ridge 2,040 gram Thinsulate Insulation Boots
Mountain Ridge 2,040 gram Thinsulate Insulation Boots


The Iowa deer and upland hunter chose the Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® Maniac. All the Maniac models are eight inches high and include odor control technology. She picked Mossy Oak and 840 grams of insulation. Her Iowa friends told her to count on snow in the fields, and she also wanted the insulation for times spent in a tree stand.

The moose hunter grabbed a pair of Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® Mountain Ridge boots, with X-static, 10 inches high and 2040 grams of insulation. He figured the moose stalks would be short, and wanted the extra insulation for the long periods of inactivity in the canoe. The Mountain Ridge line is breathable, with a reinforced toe. It’s been a long time since he started his last game as an offensive lineman, but he knows his ankles will appreciate the extra support that the extra height in boots will provide.

So, start your hunt……..for the right footwear for your hunt. There’s no reason for your feet to be wet, sore or stinky. As the old saying goes, “No hoof, no horse.” Wood N’ Stream by Thorogood® boots have been around since 1957 – you can’t argue with longevity!

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