Riding The Rim: Paradise On Horseback

My recent springtime visit to the “Big Island” of Hawaii was my first to this particular island, and I wanted to sample as many activities as possible. The snorkeling was enchanting, the golf was challenging and scenic. But my trip would not have been complete without a horseback ride along the rim of Waipi’o Canyon.


Easy Snorkeling On Hawaii’s Big Island

A stay on the “Big Island” of Hawaii
gave me the chance to indulge in some easy snorkeling. Calm waters, lots of
fish, and ease of entry to the water made the following three places my favorite spots on the
Kona (west) side of the island.


A Dirty Dozen Marlin Tournament Winner

The big Blue Marlin takes the “live” bait and slowly swims under the stern of the 20-foot boat, hooking the line around the outdrive unit. The monster fish just stops, 15 feet from the skiff and sits there, to the amazement of the three fishermen. The line could snap, so one of the anglers risks injury to free the line and catch the monster!


‘Sneezing’ Doe

Randy M. from Idaho asked this question. “Last year while bowhunting I had a young doe feed near my stand. She continually “sneezed,” maybe as often as once every 20 seconds to 30 seconds. She seemed normal otherwise and continued to feed. What was going on here?”


Maui? Wowie! The Dazzling Plants Of Paradise

Montana may be the Big Sky state, but if you’re looking for big plants, look to Hawaii. Our 50th state, with its sunshine, humidity, and fertile volcanic soils, is a botanist’s paradise. The size, range, and sheer lushness of the Aloha State’s tropical foliage impress even those who are innocent of science and gardening.


To Bike A Volcano: My Ride Down Maui’s Haleakala

When I first heard about bicycling down the side of the 10,000-foot Haleakala volcano in Maui, Hawaii, I thought: “No way.” I pictured hurtling down the 30 percent grade of a single-track strewn with boulders. And while you can ride down the mountain hell-bent-for-leather and turn it into a speed event, that’s not the way most people bike it. The ride is a kinder, gentler “Banzai!”


Hiking Maui’s Haleakala

The Hawaiian island of Maui comprises two volcanic peaks joined by an isthmus of sediment. The larger section is dominated by the massive bulk of 10,023-foot Haleakala, an active volcano that last erupted around 1790. From the awe-inspiring vistas of the crater rim to the eerie moonscape of the crater floor to the lush tropics of the rain forest on the eastern slopes, the trails of Haleakala offer a wide array of hiking terrain and levels of difficulty. The trails are rugged and beautiful!

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