The Goose Bump Buck

Question: How do you know for certain that you’ve shot a really good deer?

Answer: You see the hair on your taxidermist’s arms stand up because he’s
gotten goose bumps!


One Buck Limit Is Plenty

Andy M. from Indiana writes to ask about one buck limits. “Since we implemented a one buck rule in Indiana, the quality of our buck hunting has improved dramatically. Will this rule do the same in other states, and why don’t more states implement a one buck rule?”


How To Find Big Bucks

Bob G. from Indiana
writes to ask about finding big bucks. “I scout a lot and put out
cameras. Do you have any good tips on how to find good bucks early in the
year, months prior to bow season?”


Where Should I Bowhunt?

Ed S. from Indiana
writes to ask about the best states to bowhunt for whitetails.
“If one just looks at the very top of the Pope and Young records, what are the
top five states for typical whitetails?”


Hunting An Indiana Monster Buck

Scouting in the summer, Indiana hunter Mark Lueder saw a monster buck with a lot of points and a really big drop tine. He hunted for it in the fall. “I hadn’t been in the stand long before the big buck came into the area, and he was on the move. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t want to stop. I found an opening and when I got him in the scope, I shot.”


Create, Then Stay Out Of A Big Buck’s Sanctuary

Jess P. from Indiana
writes to ask about holding big bucks on his hunting area. “We’ve got 180 acres we manage for deer and hunt there as well. Our problem is that the area
is too small to hold the bucks there so they eat our food, but get shot on the
neighbors’ property. Is there anything we can do?”


A Thanksgiving Weekend Deer Hunt

Jason Sanders and his brother Nathan, home for the Thanksgiving holiday, eagerly laid out their hunting gear and clothes for the next day’s hunt. Jason saw the big buck was watching the other two smaller bucks, and it stepped briefly into a clearing before disappearing. Jason jacked a round into the gun and at the sound the buck looked right at


Locked Antlers: Duel To The Death

Jay R. from Indiana writes to ask about bucks that get their antlers locked.
"They found a pair of bucks with antlers locked in the county beside where
I live. Both were dead. My friend thinks that happens a lot, but I do not. Does
anyone know?"


UV Light And Camo Clothes

George L. from Indiana writes to ask about what deer see. "I walked
through the lane of one of my field cameras just at dark last week, and looked
at that photo today. My camo clothes looked light and bright. Is that what deer

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