The Quest For Iowa’s ‘Jaws’ Buck

For a couple years, hunters salivated over a huge Iowa buck, seen often enough to tantalize
them and haunt their dreams, but it was never spotted during hunting season.
With the clock winding down on the last day of Iowa’s 2006 season, devoted
hunter Walter Johnson was about to get his chance at him.


My Iowa Buck Of A Lifetime

My eyes continually scan the woods for any movement, then all of
sudden I see this buck coming towards me, working the scrape line, in a slow trot! He stops behind a tree, and he needs to move two steps ahead to my shot window. But he’s got me pegged now, and is only 20 yards away!


Cornfed Bruisers Down On The Farm

I caught sight of a group of deer loitering along a deep, grassy drainage ditch. There among them was my buck. With little time left to hunt, I quickly made up my mind. Bow in hand, I embarked on a stalk. Hands-and-knees in a disked cornfield is not my favorite place to be. Then it started to rain.


Can Trail Cams Collect Data For DNRs?

Paul W. from Iowa writes with an idea. "Trail cameras are becoming a
common tool for many hunters before and during the hunting season. All of my
hunting buddies have one or several cameras in their hunting woods. Game
departments enlist hunters to help with mast surveys, sampling turkeys (by
asking hunters to send in the wings), predator counts (bowhunters report
sightings of coyotes, etc.), etc. Why can’t the game departments enlist hunters
with cameras to collect and report data on buck sizes or buck-to-doe ratios out
there before buck season?”


A Special Father/Son Deer Hunting Adventure

A father and son experience the lows — and highs — of a lifetime in one incredible minute. Damien Butts had buck fever, on his son’s behalf. His 9-year-old son, Zachary, had a shotgun pointed at the biggest buck either had ever seen.


A Buck To Be Thankful For

It was Thanksgiving Day, and as usual for this time of the year, I had a cold so I didn’t plan on going hunting. I noticed it started to snow, and feeling energized by a hot breakfast, thought it might be a great day to spend in a new treestand location. I’m 12, have bowhunted quite a bit, and was looking forward to hunting that day. Not long after I sat down, two young does came by my stand, and then I saw an 8-point buck come up the trail!


One Weekend A Year

In addition to helping put food on tables across America, Iowa farmer Denny Kommes can also "bring home the bacon," or in this case, venison. His work schedule means that he only gets to hunt one weekend a year, but in 2004 he made the most of his time in the field, knocking down a slammer that he’ll remember for all the weekends — and weekdays — of his life!


Deer Camp, Iowa Style

We closed down deer camp in mid-December, Brad and Tim and Reed and I. To me, the most enjoyable part of deer hunting has always
been exploring the ground, investigating the critters, and playing the chess game of sign reading and stand setting. And, I guess I’m at that stage in my hunting career when I get as much satisfaction helping others as doing the shooting myself.


My First Bow-Kill Deer

The temperature warmed to 42 degrees that late November day in 2005. I was just getting over a major two-week-old cold, and couldn’t wait to get in my treestand. The mother doe saw me, stepped back, and then ran away, but one yearling walked slowly away. The other stopped and smelled the wick at 14 yards. As I went to full draw, I grunted and she stopped and looked left and right. I let the arrow go!

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