Delmarva Bobwhites

January and February find most sportsmen in the post- or preseason doldrums. But if you relegate yourself to stoking the fire and tying flies, you may be missing some of the best sport in America: winter quail hunting. And there are certain strongholds of huntable gamebird populations among the populated East. One of the best is the Delmarva Peninsula.


Fishing Maryland: Susquehanna Flats Stripers

If I close my eyes, I can still see the water boil violently off the right side of the boat … the reel is screaming as the dark line slices through the turbid water. We chase the line in our boat, and are soon slapping hands as the 20-pound striped bass is finally led into a waiting net.


Searching Out Big Stripers On The Susquehanna Flats

It’s springtime, and the stripers are on Susquehanna Flats! Knowing how and where to search out stripers is the key to catching the 15- to 50-pound stripers that are now available on this vast expanse of shallow water at the very top of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

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