New Mexico Elk Hunting: 6×4=199?

Our guide suddenly drops to the ground; a group of bulls are on a collision course straight for us! I quickly set-up for a possible shot. The guide ranges one of the bulls at 43 yards and I quickly draw and focus my pin, release, and my arrow hits true!


Mike Sanders Overcomes Industrial Accident To Hunt Again

Mike Sanders was burned in an explosion and fire at an oil
refinery where he worked in New Mexico. At first, with burns on over 80 percent of his body, he wasn’t expected to live. In addition to the burns Sanders lost his sight. And in an incredibly
cruel third strike, Sanders, who is left-handed, also lost all the fingers on his left hand. However, he never gave up his desire to live or to hunt.


Southwestern Bowhunting

Though desolate and bleak, the high desert is also a habitat full of hidden
treasure — mule deer, Coues whitetails, and javelina to be exact. With such a
potpourri of game available to the average bowhunter, how could anyone overlook
such a bonanza?


The Red Gems Of New Mexico: Hiking Near Engle

The dust from the desert road was a bit subdued because it had rained quite heavily the previous evening. We were on the final leg of the journey to one of our favorite hiking/carnelian collecting locations near Engle, N.M. Carnelian is a bright orange to red translucent agate gemstone that is used in jewelry and other decorative items. It has been collected in this area for over a hundred years.


Etiquette May Save Crowded Waters

New Mexico is a big state, lots of wide-open space, but little water. As our urban areas and outlying communities fill up with people, so too will our streams with ardent anglers. It’s hard to imagine competing for a place to fish in the Land of Enchantment, but it is already happening on the San Juan River. Before regulations are deemed to be needed, maybe some good, old-fashioned etiquette between anglers can stave off a bad deal.


Pursuing The ‘Gray Ghost’

Until I was exposed to this unique hunt, I was sure that I was pursuing whitetails at the highest level of challenge available — attempting to bow-kill only record-class bucks, on strictly do-it-yourself hunts. Little did I know, I’d soon elevate my whitetail bowhunting efforts to an even-more unattainable level — enter the “gray ghost,” the Coues deer.


Survival: Close Encounters Of The Wrong Kind

I’ve spent an extensive amount of time in the mountains for 12-plus years. I was experienced, geared up and mentally and physically tough. I was intimidated by nothing, and had developed a “10 feet tall and bulletproof” impression of myself. Cocky?….certainly … stupid?…. definitely! An elk hunt in New Mexico nearly cost me my life!


It Ain’t Over, ‘Till It’s Over

My hunting partner, Steve Hingey, and I had been up every mountain and down every canyon in western New Mexico for the past 16 days. The elk were still around, yet almost all the action was occurring during the coolest part of the day — rather, make that, night! By nightfall of the next-to-last day of season, I was harboring the thought of packing up and heading for Oklahoma. However, I knew quitters never win and winners never quit!


When Bikers, Hunters Share The Woods

With hunters and mountain bikers sharing the same woods at certain times of the year, both need to be aware of one another. The author found hunters have helped him out in a pinch more than once on bike trips.

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