Can A Deer With An Injured Leg Be Helped?

Debbie from North Carolina asks: “I have a deer with a non-functioning rear leg in my yard. He seems to hobble around very slowly, but is eating. Can he be
helped or do I just leave him be? The leg is not hanging and he can hold it up while hobbling around. Do you think it will heal? Also, do deer feel pain
like we do? I am an animal lover and it breaks my heart. Please advise.”


Why No Sunday Hunting In North Carolina?

Walter S. from North Carolina
writes to ask about Sunday hunting. “You can hunt on Sunday in most states, but
not in North Carolina.
It seems that the farmers are opposed and they drive the policy. Farmers
can work on Sunday, harvest crops, etc., but they oppose hunting. I don’t
understand that. Is this typical in the other states that have no Sunday


Can You Become Scent Free?

Ken T. from North Carolina
writes to ask about being scent free. “It seems to me that these scent
product companies are going overboard on all this stuff. I know you can’t
be totally scent free, but just how much do I need to
pay attention to my scent when I’m deer hunting.”


Do Deer Contraceptives Work?

Ed W. from North Carolina
writes to ask about controlling deer in his town. “We have a lot of deer in our
small town, and some citizens went to the city council to try to get help. Deer
are eating gardens and yard plantings, and these folks wanted fewer deer.
However, those opposed to hunting stated that contraceptives should be used
rather than hunting. Will contraceptives work?”


America’s Castle: The Biltmore House

America doesn’t have a ruling class, but it does have a castle — the Biltmore House. The largest family home ever built in the United States, if this place in Asheville, N.C., doesn’t drop your jaw, nothing will!


The North Carolina Arboretum: A World Class Gardens

Near the Blue Ridge Parkway, in Asheville, N.C., the University of North Carolina established an arboretum in 1986. The 434 acres of parks and gardens and educational spaces that comprise The North Carolina Arboretum are located within the Bent Creek Experimental Forest, which in turn is part of the Pisgah
National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains. It is a gorgeous place to visit.


Why No Bucks In The Food Plot?

E. Sutton from North Caroline writes to tell me that for past two years, he sees does in his food plot, and buck sign in the woods near the food plot, but doesn’t see bucks. He asks … “Why not?”


All About Coues Deer

Rob J. from North Carolina writes to ask about the Coues deer (pronounced “cows”). “I keep reading more and more about how tough the Coues deer is to hunt. Where do you hunt these deer and how do they differ from whitetails.”


Where To See Bears In The Smokies

If you have traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I’m sure on returning home you were asked the question: “Did you see any bears?” If you did, you were a lucky visitor who’s experience made a notable memory. Here are some tips on where to find bears when you visit the Smokies.

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