The INGs Of Flounder Fishing

The ABCs of flounder fishing are easy to recall. They all end in ING. To catch your share of flounder in coastal waters, try drifting, trolling, and gigging (using a fish spear). Here’s how to do it.


The Staying-Power Of Deep-Diving Crankbaits

Before the development of crankbaits, the only recourse bass fishermen had to probe depths of 10 feet or more was to painstakingly drag a plastic worm or heavy jig along the lake bottom or vertically fish with spoons and jigs. Here’s how to use these specialized bass fishing tools.


North Carolina Has Wildfires, Sea Of Mountains

Marty Basch is using the 2,167-mile Appalachian Trail as a rough guideline as he bikes from Maine to Georgia. He is filing weekly reports on Thursday and this is his next to last report. For the entire month of October, rain didn’t come to western North Carolina, but that didn’t stop someone from starting a campfire. From the rough and tumble Blue Ridge Parkway, a challenging 469-mile mountain road through Virginia and North Carolina, the fire became part of the landscape. It became part of his adventure.

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