Perch Heaven On Devil’s Lake

We know of a place serious ice fishermen should not pass up this winter.
Don’t let its name throw you. Devil’s Lake,
N.D., is truly heaven for anglers
looking for a chance to ice walleyes and yellow perch!


North Dakota Slough Sharks

While farmers and urban folks may have had trouble with high water in the Dakotas following two decades of above average
precipitation, anglers are taking advantage of some great opportunities. Scores
of North Dakota sloughs have swelled to a size
and depth capable of supporting game fish, especially northern pike and perch.


Hunting Ducks, Geese In A North Dakota Fog

I couldn’t see more than five feet in front of me. The fog was actually now our friend as we could hear the geese, and they could
hear our calling, but could not see us. I was faced with hundreds of geese darkening the sky. I drew in a deep breath and focused. The noise from their honking, almost squawking, was so loud I could hardly hear my dad yell to, "take ’em!"


Heavy Cover Walleyes

Tom Backer doesn’t let much slip by him, especially when he’s armed with slip-bobber rigs. The North Dakota walleye pro with eight years on the Professional Walleye Trail uses slip-bobbers to target summertime walleyes in wood and weeds at Devil’s Lake and elsewhere. Here are his secrets to catching walleyes in heavy cover.


Fun In The Midwest: Visiting Lake Sakakawea

Midwest residents will want to check out North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea — it’s 180 miles long and has a lot to offer fishermen and campers. When anglers pull in their line they never know what will be on the other end … from walleyes to paddlefish!


Ice Fishing: Devils’ Lake Is Heaven

It’s called Devil’s Lake, but it is heaven for anglers looking for late-season hard-water action. About 90 percent of the fish caught through the ice in this North Dakota lake are perch that average 9 inches in length and weigh 1 pound! And the potential for a trophy walleye adds excitement to the mix.

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