Bucks: More Fat Means More Time To Mate

Charles A. from Oklahoma
writes to ask about older bucks mating does. “It seems to me that the older
bucks should be dominant to young bucks and do the mating, yet lately I’m
hearing that young bucks mate does a lot. What
determines which bucks will mate does?”


Hunt Aggressive Bucks

Sandy G. from Oklahoma
writes to ask if some bucks are more aggressive than others. “I believe that
some bucks are more aggressive than others, but my husband disagrees. He states
that even if they are, it won’t help your hunting. I’m curious what you think
about this.”


The Long And Winding Road To Becoming A Bowhunter: Part 1

As a bowhunter, everyone has his or her own unique beginning. Some people are “hand-groomed,” others learned everything the hard way — on their own. In the following three-part series, travel along with me as I give you an opinionated, speculative and sometimes rambling spill on the blessings and pitfalls of a passion that has obsessed/possessed me most of my life.


Getting My Buck: Part 2

The doe made a circle, coming along the field edge, and once past the stand, stopped, and looked back at the buck. I’d already drawn, and the buck was nearly
directly under the stand when I shot.


The Home Range Of Bucks Is Not Predictable

Harry O. from Oklahoma writes about a disagreement. "My hunting buddies
say that older bucks with bigger antlers have smaller home ranges, and move
around less than young bucks. Based on my experience, I do not see that. Who is


Late-Season Crappies

Todd Huckabee, who guides on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, knows the worst times and the best times for late season crappie fishing can come just minutes apart. "You might fish for hours for four or five fish, then move to a place and catch a 100 in an hour in an area the size of your boat," said
Huckabee, 34. Here is how he is successful on the water fishing crappies in the fall.


Does Culling Yearlings Improve Antler Size?

Andy S. from Oklahoma writes to ask about culling deer to improve antler
size. "I heard that if you remove the smallest yearling bucks from a herd,
and keep doing that for several years, your yearling bucks will keep getting
larger than the yearlings from the year before. Is that true?"

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