Bobcat Predation On Deer

Shane R. from South Carolina writes to ask about bobcat predation on deer. “I live near Kiawah Island, S.C., and have heard that bobcats on that island take a lot of deer. This surprises me because I didn’t think that: (1) we had that many bobcats around; and (2) that they ate a lot of deer. Do you know about this situation?”


Fawn Numbers Are Down

Eve F. from South Carolina
writes to ask about coyotes eating fawns. “I know that coyotes eat fawns.
We have found fawn numbers on our property to be down the past few years and
assume coyotes are the problem. But we have friends who have managed property
20 miles from us, and their fawn production seems OK. What would explain


Historic Charleston Harbor Boasts Great Shark Fishing

Just mentioning sharks conjures up images of vicious, toothy man-eaters that
can bite a person in two. While true man-eaters, such as giant tiger sharks,
prowl the waters off South Carolina, anglers fishing inside Charleston Harbor
chase smaller creatures, but these mighty mites can provide awesome action on
light tackle.


Bow-Wounding Losses Are Low

Steve H. from South Carolina writes to ask about bow-wounding losses.
"My gun-hunting buddies still have a bias against bows for deer hunting
because they believe that bowhunters wound and lose a lot of deer. I thought
that bow-wounding losses were pretty low. Who’s right here?"


Feeding Deer At Bait Sites

Andy W. from Virginia writes to ask whether feed at bait sites just attracts
deer, or does it actually "feed" deer. "We have bait stations on
our hunting lease in South Carolina. Actually there are quite a few bait
stations there and they seem to get heavy use. If habitat is not the best, do
such bait sites allow us to support more deer on the area?"

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