Hunting Hogs Southern Style

“Don’t leave your stand for any reason,” said Black River Plantation owner Mike Stroff, as we approached my stand located on the edge of a backwater slew. Then Stroff, added strength to his first remark, “everything out here will bite.” This was easy to understand as we traveled by all-terrain vehicle into the edge of the Black River Swamp. I had traveled to Stroff’s Black River Plantation to hunt wild hog and the swamp was an ideal place to start.


Brown Trout Habits Revealed

According to a recent Clemson University study, brown trout show a strong tendency to come back to the same home pool after making feeding forays. Researchers implanted 22 brown trout with radio transmitters in the Chattooga River and followed them through all four seasons. What they discovered is very interesting.


South Carolina’s Gorgeous Mountain Lakes Region

Snuggled within the northwest corner, squeezed between North Carolina and Georgia, the Mountain Lakes Region of South Carolina has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, cultural exploration — and there’s some fine dining to be experienced to boot!


Santee Cooper Catfish

Tales of trophy catfish being caught in recent years from the Santee Cooper, S.C., area, spread across the Southeast like wildfire. Hefty bottom feeders that easily pulled the old spring-type scales to the 40-, 50- and even 60-pound mark were, and still are, common. And guide John Sellers biggest to date is an 89-pound blue cat!


Outdoor Options Abound In South Carolina

Located along what’s referred to as “South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast,” the Old 96 District includes three state parks, Lake J Strom Thurmond, and Sumter National Forest. That results in a plethora of outdoor activities within a two-hour-drive from Atlanta or Columbia, S.C.!


For Great Fishing, Visit Santee Cooper Lakes

Do you want proof that South Carolina’s Santee Cooper Lakes contains world-class fish? It has produced world record channel catfish (58 pounds), Arkansas blue catfish (109.4 pounds) and bream (5 pounds, 7 ounces); huge striped (55 pounds) and largemouth bass (16.2 pounds); and world class flathead catfish (30-pounders are common) and crappie fishing (the lake record for Black crappie stands at 5 pounds).

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