Turkey Calls: Fact & Friction: Part 1

Hunter in woods using turkey box call

The woods were so quiet it was scary until the owl woke up every sleeping creature, including me. I moved into this spot very slowly, very quietly and very early. I wanted to be set-up a full hour before light. This was no ordinary gobbler I was after. He was old and he was big. I was going to handle this hunt very carefully!


Continuing Your Outdoor Education

Women practicing at the gun range

Where can one go to learn new skills and enhance old skills? Luckily, we live in an active generation of outdoor organizations that promote and encourage men, women, and children to try their hand at some of the traditional outdoor activities. I have found a few such organizations and websites that are blazing new trails in the world of outdoor education.


Every Shooter Needs A Universal .22 LR

I’m always surprised when a hunter asks if he “really needs” a .22 Long Rifle rimfire. Of course! Every shooter should have a .22 LR. This little rimfire should be the busiest rifle in your battery. It’s the easiest to shoot, the least expensive to shoot, the easiest to master, the best for learning trigger control, the go-to for stopping a flinch and ideal for small game/pest hunting.


Escape To The Cape: Oregon’s Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout is a massive rock outcropping on the northcentral Oregon Coast about an hour and a half west of Portland. Along with Cape Kiwanda and Cape Meares, it provides the focal point for Three Capes Scenic Drive just outside the town of Tillamook. Whale watching is popular from late December through May, when thousands of gray whales move right past the cape on their annual migration north. Summer brings birdwatchers, flower fans, and the usual assortment of tourist families.