Vermont’s King Of Gamebirds

For the 15 years I lived in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, my passion for hunting was renewed by ruffed grouse. I moved to Vermont from New Jersey in 1979 with thoughts of huge whitetails in my head, but when I arrived, it was the large numbers of grouse that caught my attention! If you compare baseball to bird hunting, the grouse is a hard slider, and the woodcock is a change-up!


Beware Of The "Umbles"

Those in the search and rescue business call it the “umbles.” As moderate hypothermia overtakes someone, they start to mumble their speech. Then they start to grumble and whine a bit. They fumble and bumble, and have trouble with things such as backpack straps or zippers as they shiver and behave irrationally. Walking could lead to a stumble, like being intoxicated, and even a tumble. The end result of these symptoms can be death. Thankfully, there is much an outdoor enthusiast can do to prevent hypothermia.


Sampling Vermont’s Rivers

The words, “inn to inn,” and “fine food” caught my eye under the “Best of Vermont River Sampler” listing. The trip is a six-day/five-night journey operated by “BattenKill Canoe,” based in Arlington, Vt. The trip is excellent for anyone wishing to explore several of Vermont’s rivers, and stay at several distinctive inns.


10 Sparkling Snowshoe Trips In Vermont

Pound down those mountains and they say Vermont would be the size of Texas! No matter, the Green Mountain State also has plenty of gentle trails, too. With a national forest and a healthy dose of state parks, Vermont serves up a diversified menu of snowshoe trails.


10 Super Cross-Country Ski Adventures In Vermont

Vermont is known for its sharp cheddar cheese, sweet maple syrup and a few other culinary niceties such as Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The cross-country skiing menu is about as varied … neatly groomed trails to untamed backcountry sliding down rugged mountains.

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