The Elusive Double

I did it again recently — a haunting miss on a chance to double up on a pair of grouse! I’ve had some near misses and until I take two grouse down that flush at the same time, it shall remain one of those bird-hunter’s quests to keep me going when my legs are trying to say “Enough!”


Telephone Savior Rings Through Vermont

Marty Basch is using the 2,155-mile Appala-chian Trail as a rough guideline as he bikes from Maine to Georgia. He is filing weekly reports and this is his third update. He will report on his travels on Thursday each week. Read about how he nearly quit his trip! You can e-mail encouragement, advice to Marty at


Biking Is Fun In Scenic Vermont

Lake Willoughby, tucked away in the northern frontier of the Green Mountain State, is like a land-locked fjord and a fine cycling destination. It’s not Norway, but it’s about as close as one can get without leaving Vermont.


Of Woodcock, Ruffed Grouse and Barbed Wire

The birdhunting in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont can be truly extraordinary. Throughout most of this forest today, one can still find evidence of long forgotten farms in the form of rock walls, the remnants of fieldstone foundations; cellar holes, wells, and rusting strands of barbed wire embedded deep in the trunks of matures trees.


Kingdom Of The Grouse

Northeastern Vermont is hard country. The terrain is rocky and uneven, sparsely populated, and uncommonly beautiful in the fall. And once the leaves have settled to the ground, it becomes one of the best places in the world to hunt ruffed grouse. Grouse thrive in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom as few other creatures do.

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