Jackson Antler Arches finally rebuilt!

After almost ten years, the elk-antler arches in Jackson, Wyoming have been completely rebuilt with new sheds. The four arches were originally constructed between 1953 and 1969 by the Jackson Hole Rotary Club. They mark the four corners of the George Washington Memorial Park. In 2006, the club decided to rebuild the arches using new antlers after years of wear had caused them to become unsafe.

According to Larry Pardee, Director of Public Works for the town of Jackson, the antlers are held in place by nothing more than a few screws and good placement. The four arches costed around $450,000 and used about 14,000 pounds worth of elk antlers. The money came from the community foundation of Jackson Hole, private donations, Old Bill’s fun run, and the auctioning of the old arches. Between natural corrosion and human impact it’s estimated that the arches will need to be rebuilt every thirty years to maintain their integrity.

“I’m still impressed with how many people are taking pictures [in front of the arches] at any time of year. They have become somewhat of a brand logo for Jackson Hole.” Pardee said.

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3 Responses to “Jackson Antler Arches finally rebuilt!”

  1. steven r christensen

    i was out there in jacksonhole in 1969 wow what a town then in 1979 wow lot more people io live in iowa i also have sheds look great great place to live

    • Matt Dybedahl

      Thanks, Steven. I haven’t been out to the park yet, but would love to get out there sometime. Any pictures of the sheds you’ve found? We’d love to see them!

  2. steven r christensen

    keep up the good work nature at its best love the park at jacksonhole