Got Bass Fever but Don’t Have a Boat? Portable Bass Boats Are the Cure!

So you’ve been officially diagnosed with bass fever. And the only cure is getting on the water, working a hula popper and hauling in some hogs. But there’s a problem. You don’t have a boat. Don’t feel bad, neither do I. And we’re not alone. Fact is, only about 7% of Americans with annual household income of $50K to $75K own a boat.

So what do to? Sure, you could rent a boat. Been there. Done that. And my butt still hurts from the rock-hard bench seat and 45-minute drive to the hot spot courtesy of a wimpy 10HP motor. Or, you could strap a few logs together and float down the river like Huck Finn. And there’s always my personal favorite: mooching off your boat-owning friends.

Here’s a better option: Invest in a portable bass boat. At Sportsman’s Guide, we offer several portable, no-trailer-required boats that are perfect for getting out on the water and hunting big bass and panfish where they live.

These babies are small enough to fit in the back of your pickup truck, yet they have plenty of room to easily accommodate you and a friend.

And, you don’t need a boat launch to get these in the water. They’re light enough to carry to the water’s edge. That means you can launch on ponds and small lakes that don’t have a public access. Think about it…wouldn’t you love to fish that local pond you know is teaming with bass? The guys with the boats and trailers can’t get there…but you can!

Here’s a quick list of items we recommend to make your portable, bass-busting adventure a reality:

Bass Hunter EX Boat - 186929, Boats at Sportsman_s Guide 1) Bass Hunter EX and Bass Baby Boats

These rugged, totally portable bass boats are designed to fit in the back of your pickup truck for easy transport to the lake or fishing hole. The Bass Baby even has wheels in the back to make it even easier to transport down to the water. Smart design keeps them stable while on the water, so you can cast and fish with confidence. Seats are included and easily installed by turning a few screws. They even include drink holders!


Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Transom-Mount Trolling Motor, 12V, 30_ Shaft - 202981, Freshwater Trolling Motors at Sportsman_s Guide2) Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Transom-mount Trolling Motor

Power your boat with this Minn Kota Endura Trolling Motor. With 30-lbs. of thrust, 5 forward/3 reverse speeds and a telescoping tiller handle, this Minn Kota Trolling Motor will easily get you where you need to go for a price that’s totally affordable.



Guide Gear Type IV Boat Cushion - 235955, Emergency & Rescue Throws at Sportsman_s Guide3) Guide Gear Type IV Boat Float Cushion

Even when you’re fishing in shallow water, it pays to be prepared. Plus, this handy Boat Cushion can be used to add a layer of comfort.




Onyx Adult Mesh Classic Sport Life Vest - 421816, Universal Life Vests at Sportsman_s Guide4) Onyx Mesh Classic Sport Adult Life Vest

This one’s a no-brainer: The law requires you to have a life jacket for everyone on board your vessel…even a portable bass boat. This Life Vest from Onyx is an excellent option at a great price.




Grappling Anchor Kit - 221713, Water Sport Accessories at Sportsman_s Guide5) Grappling Anchor Kit

Found a hot spot? Drop anchor with this Grappling Anchor Kit.  It’ll keep you in place, even in windy conditions. Great for all types of small watercraft, from portable bass boats to canoes, kayaks, rafts and more.



Attwood Telescoping Boat Paddle - 181842, Paddles at Sportsman_s Guide

6) Attwood Telescoping Paddle

As the old saying goes, no one wants to be up a creek without a paddle. This Telescoping Paddle is perfect “just in case”. Extends from 20.75” to 42”.



So there you have it. A simple recipe for the boat-less bass slayer to get on the water and get after some big mouths. Get yourself a Bass Hunter EX or Bass Baby portable bass boat, add accessories and essentials, and get ready for action! You can find everything you need right here at The Guide, at the best prices anywhere. Place your order online today, and we’ll see you on the lake!



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One Response to “Got Bass Fever but Don’t Have a Boat? Portable Bass Boats Are the Cure!”

  1. Frances Peterson

    What’s the price? Can you send me one, let me try it out ? Just kidding ! Looks like we need one in the river we live on … is it gator prof!??