Grandpa Likes Big ‘buts and He Can Not Lie

Check out this absolute beast of a halibut brought in by 77-year-old Jack McGuire on July 3rd near the Alaskan port town of Gustavus!

95 inches, 482 pounds…but not a record, says the IGFA. (Image: Devin Brown, Alaska Anglers Inn)
95 inches, 482 pounds…but not a record, says the IGFA. (Image: Devin Brown, Alaska Anglers Inn)

“This was definitely the fish of a lifetime for him.”

– Andy Martin, owner of Deep Blue Charters, speaking to Alaska Dispatch News

Though it outweighs the previous Pacific halibut world record holder by 23 lbs., McGuire’s 482-pounder won’t make the record books, reports the Alaska Dispatch News. That’s because the fish was first shot with a .410-caliber shotgun, then harpooned to be pulled in to the boat. International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules ban the use of tools other than a net or gaffe for landing fish.

McGuire also got assistance from other crew members to land the fish, another IGFA violation.

All told, it took about a 1/2-hour to get the 95″-long fish in the charter boat.

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One Response to “Grandpa Likes Big ‘buts and He Can Not Lie”

  1. troy carlson

    way to go G-pa, its an unofficial word record, and a fish story that will live for a long long time!!