Guide Gear Country Pursuit Snake Boots: More Comfortable Than Your Average Snake Boot

Snake boots are a sore subject for a lot of hunters. Literally. Because most snake boots just-plain aren’t very comfortable. They’re stiff. They’re unforgiving. They’re pinchy. Walking a mile in your average snake boot is a chore, plain and simple.

But you HAVE to do it…because the alternative is getting bit and having to get air-lifted to whichever hospital has the proper antivenom.

So you have to wear snake boots. But you DON’T have to be uncomfortable.

If you want more comfort and more flexibility than the average snake boot, check out the Guide Gear Country Pursuit Snake Boots. Yes, the Snake Guard fabric protects against every dangerous snake you’ll find in North America. Yes, they’re built rugged. But would you believe…they’re also incredibly comfortable thanks to a redesigned pinch-free fit, thick OrthoLite insoles, guaranteed waterproofing, and moisture-wicking mesh lining? Well, believe it.



They don’t pinch. They don’t squeeze. They’re actually comfortable and flexible. Walking a mile in Guide Gear Country Pursuit Boots is actually a pleasure—not a chore.

Part of the magic is the Ortholite insoles. OrthoLite open-cell foam insoles are ultra-comfortable, highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and resistant to compression. Even after long-term wear, they hold their shape—so the comfort and fit NEVER change. The open-cell foam is 95% to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the foam, keeping the Boot interior cooler. When you DO work up a sweat, open-cell foam wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable.



To keep you dry in wet spring turkey hunts, Country Pursuit Boots feature Guide Dry waterproof/breathable technology. Guide Dry was designed from the ground up to provide the max in dry comfort while maintaining breathability. The membrane features tiny pores that keep larger waterproof molecules from getting in while allowing much smaller vapor molecules to escape—so there’s none of that stuffy discomfort found on cheap waterproof methods. Guide Dry® is tested and proven to perform at the highest level, and will retain its water-blocking properties long after other waterproof technologies begin to leak.


And with nice extras like a moisture-wicking mesh lining and gusseted tongue that keeps out debris, Guide Gear Country Pursuit Boots are the total package for comfort in snake country.

So go ahead. Hunt the tall grass. Head deep into rattler country. Guide Gear Country Pursuit Boots have the goods to get you there and back, comfortably.

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