Leg Broken, Hiker Survives 6 Desperate Days Eating Bugs and Snow [VIDEO]

Surviving on bugs and melted snow, 33-year-old Gregg Hein slowly crawled down a mountain with a “dangling” broken leg that he had to grab so “hopefully it wouldn’t rip off.”

The thought of death had been “entertained,” albeit briefly.

“I was either going to crawl my way out or somebody was going to rescue me.”

Gregg Hein

Finally, after six days, a rescue helicopter appeared overhead.

The experienced hiker and mountain climber found himself in the desperate situation after a loose boulder plowed into the back of his leg, leaving it broken in 3 places, and leaving Heim in dire straits – 13,000′ up California’s Mt. Goddard.

Luckily, Hein escaped with life AND limb. A fortunate decision not to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding – Hein knew it would likely lead to amputation in this particular situation – saved his right leg. He decided to go without after noticing the blood loss was slowing-up on its own and he was not becoming light-headed.

Instead, he crafted a splint out of hiking poles, a belt, and cord. Then, abandoning his pack, (taking from it a poncho, pocket knife, cords, whistle and bivy sack) he began a slow, excruciating mile-long crawl to a spot at the edge of a glacier where he sat icing his wounds, eating crickets and moths and drinking melted ice for four days until help arrived.

That’s hardcore.

Your move, Survivorman.

So what’s on YOUR list of outdoor survival necessities? Share the things you absolutely need in your backpack before hitting the trail!

Image/Video: ABC News

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