Hillary Clinton Pledges to Push For Tougher Gun Restrictions

In a new TV ad and on the stump, Hillary Clinton vowed last week to push for new gun restrictions, pressing her advantage on one of the few issues where she is more liberal than her chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire.

“We do need to come together and pursue commonsense reforms,” the Democratic presidential front-runner said at a town hall meeting in Iowa. “This is a problem and it’s a danger. It’s a threat everywhere in our country.”

She said she would push to close loopholes in the background-check system and wants to overturn liability protections for gun manufacturers.

On the issue of guns, Clinton has been working to emphasize what her campaign sees as an advantage.

Last Monday, Clinton met with a group of mothers and family members, including some whose loved ones where killed by guns. And the next day, her campaign released a TV ad on the gun issue that will run in Iowa and New Hampshire. It features Mrs. Clinton at a campaign event laying out the case for tougher gun restrictions, with people in the audience listening to her nod in approval.

“How many people have to die before we actually act, before we come together as a nation?” she says in the ad.

Top Photo: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shakes hands with a supporter during a town hall meeting Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in Coralville, Iowa. Photo courtesy of Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press.


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  1. Vincent Riccioni

    Tell Hillery to stay home with Bill.