Hunter Attacked by Bear He Thought Was Dead [VIDEO]

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This is a friendly public service reminder to go ahead and really make sure that animal is well and truly dead before you approach it. Especially if it’s a bear.

Not doing so is inhumane, and, frankly, REALLY dangerous, as the young hunter in this video found out the Hunter Attacked by Bear He Thought Was Deadhard way.

Even though the bear was hit three times — AND fell out of a tree — it still had enough fight left in it to claw the hunter up pretty good.

Bears will let out what is known as a death moan right before they die — although even that isn’t a guarantee.

So I guess the message is this: stay frosty out there. Animals are dangerous. One swipe is enough to send you to the ER.

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13 Responses to “Hunter Attacked by Bear He Thought Was Dead [VIDEO]”

  1. David Tandler

    What a dumb dude a dying animal needs some space it’s fight n flight time for them

  2. James

    Serves him for not taking the first safe rule: Check yr game at a safe distance, never run-up on it until you do.

  3. marino decrosta


  4. Joseph Palinkas

    Poor kid hope he learned his lesson

  5. Rocky

    Me as a hunterfrommainnypennwestvirgiianflorida+tx we would never shot a bear from a tree. That is not old time hunting that are fathers pass down too US 3centuries ago military/sheriff ret. Have a bless day God bless all.

  6. Curtis pless

    I’ve enjoyed buying from your company over the years.

    • Curtis pless

      It probably is more difficult telling when a bear is dead than a deer. If the bear does not do the death growl or moan.

  7. Jason see

    That’s why you always wait until the animal has had time to pass!!

  8. Mike Hipshire

    First of all: I hope the young’n is O.K. I live in the mountains on the Tennessee-North Carolina border. When bear season is open,as it is now,so-called bear hunters ride all over these hills in their trucks. All they do is talk to each other on their radios. When the dogs strike a trail they drive around like a bunch of maniacs! The major state highway that runs through these hills is a border between bear reserve and legal hunting ground. So-called bear hunters will stand right on the edge of the highway and ambush the bears when they try and cross! Now,I have nothing against bear hunting,but do it right! Hunt the old way. Follow the dogs on foot!

  9. Bigbill

    The last bear we shot was surrounded by a 7’ circle pool of blood it bled out very quickly.

  10. Phil Everett

    why did the guy not wait , to make sure that bear was dead?