Hunters Helping Farmers Program Debuts in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division announced a new program, Hunters Helping Farmers, which is a new private lands initiative opportunity that seeks to match up hog hunters in the same county with farmers that need assistance with hog removal.

Tom's News Item on Hunters Helping Farmers Logo Georgia 12-15This initiative is a partnership effort between the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in order to help landowners manage the damaging impact of feral hogs.

Examples of feral hog damage include but are not limited to: rooting pastures and rangeland, consumption of native vegetation, negative effects on water quality, and predation of wildlife. They cause millions of dollars of damage each year to the agricultural industry.

Partcipants must agree to abide by all conditions set by farmer/landowner including, but not limited to: 1.) Areas open to hunting; 2.) Weapons as dictated by farmer; 3.) Tree stand/hunting blind use and placement; 4.) ATV use and designated areas; 5.) Number of hunting party members allowed; and, 6.) Number allowed at any one time. They must agree to make every effort to retrieve all game wounded or killed.

Hunters can click here for more information or to apply for the program

Registration for Georgia farmers and landowners can be found on the Georgia Department of Agriculture website.

Click for more information on feral hogs in Georgia.


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7 Responses to “Hunters Helping Farmers Program Debuts in Georgia”

  1. George Bradley

    Unfortunately we dont have an issue with hogs here in walker we are out of luck on these hunts. They only select people from the same county. I know many people who are willing to travel to help out these land owners but due to limitations we are unable to.


    Is Hunters helping farmers program still alive. I’m in McDonough’and can travel to other county’s. Please reply, looking to help needy families that need food.

    Thank you

  3. Patrick Miller

    We are a family that enjoys catching and killing hogs as well as helping farmers get the most out of their crops. We hog hunt with dogs throughout the state’s of ga, sc and nc.

  4. Anthony Clegg

    Looking for contact and application info on Hunters Helping Farmers with feral dispatch and looking for information on the best areas to target hogs on state/public land.

  5. Harold K. Dean

    I would like to hunt on someones property near Savannah.

  6. Michael Edward Abbott

    Just want to hunt hogs for farmers who need the help. I’m a vet and have bee hunting since I was 8.

    I’m strictly a meat hunter for my family and those in need for food.